Snap frames are continuing to become more and more popular. However, with the range of choices now available for the buyer it can sometimes be complicated when it comes to choosing what sort of frame to purchase. There are many different kinds of snap frames currently available, as well as different colours, sizes and much more. In order to ensure that you're happy with your investment years down the line, you'll want to take a look at all of the different options and compare them. This is sometimes very cumbersome and difficult, therefore we have put together helpful tips for help you make the right decision.

Selecting the right style

There are many different styles that you can select from and the best one for you is determined by your circumstances and what exactly you intend to utilize the snap frame for. For instance, if you want to display valuable documents but the area isn't always monitored and is accessible to everyone (i.e. a little family-owned store), then you might want to look at a wide range of lockable snap frames. Huge selection of snap frame suppliers offered at lower asking prices.

For companies who would like to display marketing promotions outside there are actually water-resistant picture frames. These picture frames can shield the contents from all elements, making sure that your message will get across to your customers - no matter what the climate may throw at it.

If you'll be placing the frame inside an area which is open to children, such as a play centre, then you might want to take into consideration getting a frame with round corners because these are deemed to be a whole lot safer in these circumstances.

LED illuminated picture frames would be the best option for firms that operate through the night. Restaurants, clubs and pubs all make use of these illuminated picture frames to great effect. Take a look through our full range for more information.

Determining the proper size

The size is a key factor that you should consider, there are various dimensions offered although the biggest isn't always automatically the best. You may first wish to evaluate the area on your wall and determine exactly how much space you have available for the picture frame.

After you have determined how much space is available, you'll then want to look at the costs of various sizes. Understandably, a bigger frame size will cost a lot more than a smaller one. It really is crucial that you incorporate this within your spending budget and discover what the proper size is for you.

Deciding on the colour

The final step you will want to undertake is picking the right colour for the frame. There are numerous different colours to select from and even if you get the proper design and the appropriate size, your picture frame can still appear awful if you pick the wrong colour.

Choose your frames colour by closely pairing it to the environment in which it will be placed. Getting this right will take the focus away from the picture frame and place the emphasis on the contents, particularly important when using a snap frame for marketing purposes.

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